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Founded in Shenzhen, China in 2015, Huahai Leying Group, adhering to the concept of "carrying resources and sharing interconnection", is a professional investment management institution focusing on the field of Internet projects and aiming at creating sustainable long-term growth. Huahai Leying has injected funds and resources into Internet projects. At present, there are 15 investment enterprises. Among them, in the Angel Wheel, Huati Star Sky, Faith and Justice Network, and One Score Sports have entered many projects, and continuously introduced the top resources for each project. Huahai Leying's investment covers the fields of culture and entertainment, sports health data, medical health, consumption and enterprise services. It also covers the earliest stages of seed investment, venture capital to private equity investment, listed company investment and so on. Not only will it provide sustained strategic financial support for companies and entrepreneurs with outstanding potential, but also Huahai Leying will coordinate to mobilize relevant industry resources to escort start-ups and individuals.
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