Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

Authorization Permit

Huahaileying grant you finite, nonexclusive, non-transferable and revocable permit for downloading, installation, backups, using this product and its incidental services, including all documents and files which attached to this product. You may not sell, lease, resell, modify, reverse engineering, decompile or create a derivative of this software. All rights expressly authorized are retained by Huahai Leying safely.


Authorized effectiveness depends on the following conditions:

1.This product has not been modified in any way.

2.You have paid all the necessary expenses.

3.This agreement is accepted without reservation and modification, and it has not been violated.


When you registering an account, you have to provide accurate information and keep it updated. Huahai Leying may limit your use of this product before you complete the necessary registration procedures. You may be asked to select a user name, password, fill in your mobile phone number and your personal information. And you are responsible for keeping it confidential. If you find any unauthorized use of your account, you must inform Huahai Leying at once. 

Rule of Use

When applying for the services of Huahai Leying, the user must provide Huahai Leying with accurate personal data. If there is any change in personal data, it must been updated in time. Users should not transfer or lend their accounts and passwords to others. If the user finds his account is illegally used by others, he should inform Huahai Leying at once. If the account and password are illegally used by others because of hacker behavior or the user's negligence, Huahai Leying assumes no responsibility. The user understands and agrees that Huahai Leying has the right to put various commercial advertising or any other types of business information in a variety of ways during the provision of services. When the user in the service process of using Huahai Leying, the following principles must be followed:

1.Complying with the relevant laws and regulations of China.

2.Complying with all network protocols, regulations and procedures relating to network services.

3.The network service system shall not be used for any illegal purpose.

4.Shall not use the Turing Cat network services to violate the business interests of Huahai Leying in any form, including but not limited to the release without Huahai Leyinɡ permission of commercials.

5.Shall not use the Huahai Leying network services to upload, display or propagate any false, harassing, slanderous, insulting, minatory, sleazy or any other illegal information.

6.Shall not infringe any other third party's patent, copyright, trademark right, reputation right or any other legitimate rights and interests.

7.The user agrees to safeguard and maintain the interests of Huahai Leying and other users. If the user causes loss to Huahai Leying or any other third person because of violation of the relevant laws,  regulations or any provision under this agreement, the user agrees to assume liability for damages caused thereby.

Privacy Protection

Privacy protection is a basic policy of Huahai Leying. Huahai Leying undertakes not to make public or provide to a third party the registration information of a single user and the non-public content which users stored in Turing Cat when using network services, except the following circumstances:

1.Obtain explicit authorization from users in advance.

2.According to the requirements of relevant laws and regulations.

3.According to the requirements of relevant government departments.

4.In order to safeguard the interests of the social public.

5.In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Huahai Leying.

6.Without disclosure of individual user privacy data, Huahai Leying has the right to analyze the entire user database and make a commercial profit to it.