Develop the "gene + children's sports health program"


"Genetic whispers, the first lesson in talent." Children from birth, has been genetic gives potential, in terms of education, is through genetic testing and interpretation technology, help parents find and understand children's potential, and carries on the comprehensive ability of targeted education, really make good use of talent, embrace the future.

Zhong yong, a child of the ancient gods, was not allowed to learn by his father, and was reduced to a common man's story as a money-maker. So one of the disadvantages of education might be to get students to do things other than their talents.

In order to avoid this kind of thing, help more children to discover talent. In recent days, a strategic partnership has been reached between miao sports and hippopotamus. Miao sports, as a sports IP platform, using their own technology advantage for hippo man course registration payment, background management, data analysis, such as support, and use their from the media and media resources for promotion and publicity. Ask miao sports and hippo dada to make new development for the Chinese children's sports health program!

Hippo dada is a brand of children built with the concept of brand new health management, followed by the molecular diagnostic technology of its parent company Da An Gene Co.,Ltd. Of Sun yat-sen University. Hippo man based on "gene + children's fitness plan", feel the integration theory and practice as the main basis, following the law of children physical and mental development and sensory integrative development principle. Traditional medical gene technology combined with the world advanced sensorimotor integration theory, through scientific testing means and in the course of service, to improve the genetic information expression, let the children better play to the talent potential, to better grasp the future.

The theory of sensory integration originated in the United States in 1972, and it was developed by the clinical psychologist Dr. Elsie. It has been developed for more than 40 years.

The sensory integration emphasizes the consistency of the body and brain, and clarifies the mutual dependence and the law of common development. Our teaching system and teaching plan design, clear HIPPO teaching system could be divided into Body (Body) child development, intellectual (Intelligence) and heart (Non) (Non - intellectual) from three aspects, and will the above three aspects subdivided into five dimensions, namely the HIPPO teaching method, all the children sensory integration ability of ascension.

Hippo man and ask miao sports director, said: in order to achieve the gene technology popularization of revolutionaries, we both sides reach a consensus, make "gene + children's fitness plan", hope to benefit more children, let every one of us in the original life better able to take advantage of the life given to deliver more talents for the society.