The development of dance training market, Qiumiao Sport contributes to it


Recently, the huanqiu network and chongqing south bank hualing international dance training center to achieve strategic cooperative relations. This cooperation, try to dig the dance value deeply, change the life of the dancer. Through branding, professional operation, and "dance + Internet" business model, we jointly explore the dance training market.

It is reported that the headquarter of the dance training school was established in suzhou in 2007 and now has more than 130 chain stores in China, and the south bank of chongqing has joined in 2015. "At that time, there were other dance training institutions in mind, and there was no need for a franchise fee," said xiaoyan xiaoyan, head of the south bank of chongqing. But in the end, I chose a more well-known and reputable school. Chongqing south bank hua ling dance training center has a 250-square-meter teaching area. All teachers have received formal training and won many awards in various skills competitions.

The dance school is a professional dance training institution, and the dance of the professor is mainly pole dancing. Besides, there are also many courses such as jazz dance, belly dance, silk dance and hanging dance. More than 10 years of professional dance training teaching experience, brand, strong strength is one of their characteristics. Second, there is a great advantage of the Chinese academy of dance, which is to create a new mode of payment and lifelong learning. Whether it is a professional class or a coach class, hua ling dance school provides a service that pays the fee and lifelong learning. Hua ling dance school also provides nationwide transfer service. No matter where you sign up, how long you've been studying, and for whatever reason, students at huilong dance school are free to choose their own learning base.

"Our south bank is the only formal franchise training institution that is currently accredited by the headquarters in chongqing." "The students enrolled here enjoy all the convenient services provided by the headquarters, including lifelong learning, transfer and employment," said xiaoyan. It is understood that, whether to be a dance instructor after graduation, or to attend a commercial performance, the south bank of chongqing will arrange satisfactory employment opportunities according to the students' personal situation. "We have trained over 400 dancers in two years, but our students are still in short supply in the market, and many gyms and dance institutions are scrambling for it."

Seedlings as a sports IP platform, during the period of cooperation, will use its own platform technology advantage, for chongqing south HuaLing international chain dance training center provides registration payment, background management, data analysis, such as support, at the same time the two sides will jointly to expand dance program, let every dance lovers can realize your dreams, and chongqing nanan HuaLing also want the future to be able to enter more professional Chinese dance industry has the potential of talents.