Qiumiao Sport hands with chongqing jing qian to explore the underwater world


With the improvement of living standards, more and more people begin to pursue entertainment and stimulate consumption. The free diving movement is beginning to enter the public life slowly. Free diving refers to the movement of not carrying oxygen bottles, but only through their own lung capacity. Although they are Forbes magazine called the second dangerous sports in the world, second only to tall skydiving, but there are still many a brave man fall in love with the limit, the breakthrough yourself towards the unknown constant challenge in the field of sports.

Chongqing has such a group of "deep-sea warriors". Founded in 2016, the static potential free diving club, is the first free diving professional training organization in chongqing, the head coach and founder dead soul under well-known German coach training officer Richard Wonka, focus on careful meticulous high standards of teaching. As of now, the agency has carried out teaching activities in more than 10 cities in China, as well as overseas, such as puji, mint, cebu, palau and saipan. Today, there are more than 100 free diving students trained by jingyong club. Recently, miao sport and static free scuba diving club reached a strategic partnership, the two sides will jointly promote free diving movement, let love ocean activities people find new inspiration and passion through free diving.

Since its establishment, it has focused on safe, professional, reliable and informative teaching. From zero base learners to experienced divers, can be in static dive training course to learn some professional skills, understand and control their own body, practiced safe happily for free diving activity. Static potential founder dead soul is rich in free diving experience, he not only has achieved the International free dive authority AIDA (International Association for the Development of Apnea) Association of certified coach qualifications, but will also at this stage of the little-known underwater movement back to his hometown, chongqing.

In fact, is known as one of the top ten extreme sports in the world of free dive for the vast majority of people travelling is a very new concept, even as early as 1998 dead soul to Australia to study is only in 2015 has just begin to come into contact with it. Dead soul when it comes to free latent person that still retains the passion: "at that time, I also play in palau scuba diving, but saw no wear oxygen bomb underwater free divers, I instantly think it cool... "So after more than a year of training, practice and exploration, dead soul finally smoothly from one star rookie promotion accredited institution to AIDA four-star diver, and became the first certified by AIDA chongqing free diving coach. On AIDA's official website, it can be found that tian tao's CWT is the deepest recorded: 52 meters; The score also ranks 11th among all Chinese free divers registered with the association.

In the near future, dead soul also plans to recruit more qualified free diving coaches, and will be a free latent static potential club teaching and dating platform gradually into more sports + tourism elements, eventually forming a green and healthy trademark industrial chain.

Miao sports as a platform for IP, during the period of cooperation, will use its own platform technology advantage, provide chongqing static free scuba diving club registration payment, background management, data analysis, such as support, at the same time use the media resources for online advertising.