To popularize golf sports and explore the way of characteristic teaching



Golf is a gentleman's sport that originated from abroad. With the development of China's economy, the golf game has blossomed all over the country, and more and more people are playing golf. It can be seen that golf has become a sport of relaxation and relaxation.

Each sport has its own theory of technology, and golf is no exception. It is the only way to improve the golf skill level with the golf swing principle. Both miao and LAN are aware of this principle. Therefore, in recent days, the two sides have reached a strategic cooperative relationship in the headquarters of blue - Yin golf (shenzhen), and will jointly explore the road of golf characteristic teaching.

Seeding sports as a sports IP platform. During the period of cooperation, using their own platform technology advantages, to provide lior golf course registration payment, background management, data analysis, such as support, at the same time use its resources and media from the media channels to promote the spread of golf.

Lior golf, formerly lior golf training base, focus on golf training, teaching and golf course management and other business, has a history of 7 years of golf teaching training and teaching experience. At present, all the golf venues in shenzhen have their own professional training base, and the operation and management of pingshan golf driving range and baiyun golf driving range have been fully taken over. All teaching staff of the coaching staff are professional coaches of China golf association.

The two sides reached a consensus, adopted the international teaching concept, and set up a complete set of golf teaching system and pattern. The system for different levels of learning individuals provide a suitable for their own learning system, and stimulate personal larger golf potential, to help students improve quickly, let everyone can enjoy the pleasure of golf for the rest of your life.

The characteristic teaching of golf course mainly focuses on the following aspects:

1. Understanding golf and promoting golf interests: golf etiquette and rules, golf clubs:

2. Ball grip, stance, ball and correct aim; Basic action, starting rod line;

3. Basic movement, hitting point and swing position; Basic movement, swing rhythm, body movement coordination;

4. 1 professional coach for 20 minutes +100 strokes + free club + gloves.

Golf is now slowly seeping into everyday life, and many teenagers are getting into it. The Chinese youth golf movement has started to enter the red sea market, and more and more capital investment and venue investment have also enabled more teenagers to enjoy the fun of golf. Miao sports and blue Yin golf will also be driving the Chinese golf course further and further.