Let the national ball into the life to seek the seedling promotion youth table tennis career development


On January 22, 2018, Shanghai municipal CPPCC, a famous table tennis player wang liqin in Shanghai during the two sessions, said: recently, many people are very concerned about the development of the national table tennis team, however, we should pay special attention to youth sports development. , he thought, walked into the school sports more, let the students have the concept of physical exercise. "The school is also very hard now, but I think sports is the best education." Sports can cultivate people's spirit, the exercise will quality, and train their consciousness of team collaboration and abide by the rules.

Recently, Chen jing sports seedlings in o platform, the two sides will focus on the development of the juvenile table tennis career. Miao sports, as a sports IP service platform, since its inception, hope to train sports talent, for sports enthusiasts to provide quality services. During the process of cooperation with Chen sports, miao sports will use their own technology, data management, media, Internet and other resources to fully support Chen sports club program.

Shenzhen Chen club as one of China table tennis super league club, the club has many senior coach jointly write and practical training tested standardization of table tennis lesson plans, has a complete training system. Chairman Chen as the first table tennis women's singles champion in Olympic history, the club have hao shuai, Xu Chenhao, Zheng Peifeng several national team players, such as world champion guo yaohua head coach, the coaches have been unified training, master Chen club standardized training course, examination standard rear can mount guard, guarantee the training of scientific and efficient.

It is understood that the current table tennis career was XiuXianHua development to marketization and entertainment. Chen miao sports clubs and o reached cooperation, the two sides hope to increase the contact and communication, table tennis and the public to let more people like table tennis, help teenagers know more about table tennis fun at the same time, a professional training, provide more professional talent pipeline for table tennis career.