Qiumiao Sport takes you to the outdoors to release the pressure of city life


For the welfare of the people in the workplace a relaxed, let its enjoy relaxing in a collective at the same time to strengthen team cohesion, more teenagers can out of their homes, in the outdoor experience team consciousness, improve the body quality. Recently, miao sports and the lion reached a strategic partnership, miao sports, as a sports IP service platform, since its inception, hope to train sports talent, for sports enthusiasts to provide quality services. In the process of cooperation with the army lions, seedling sports will fully support the army lion development course with its own Internet technology, data management, media communication and other resources.

The army lion, known as "shenzhen junshi industrial co., LTD.", is a professional military experience and outdoor experience training institution in China. All the instructors are ex-servicemen. There are more than 120 cooperation bases, including the pearl river delta area as the cooperative base, and there are cooperative bases all over the country.

Since its establishment, the army lion has formed a unique training and training system. Specific training needs, combined with China's business group army lion to create a unique individual, team and organization oriented training system and curriculum, and created the personalized design and implementation of standardized training model of combining.

It has the mature training team, the trainer has the national professional qualification certificate, the instructor has years of development training experience. To provide more diversified training courses and services for enterprises; Quotient for teenagers, the cultivation of emotional intelligence art period correct guide, improve the comprehensive ability quality, including tourism organization planning, all kinds of activities: hiking, CS field, island survival, fun games, annual meeting, the collective birthday party, business travel, bonfire party, etc.

According to the founder of the military lion, in 2017, the company will further adjust its development strategy and transform from the original single summer and winter camp training market to the diversified market. Set up the national veterans business partner at the club, zero initial don't add any extra economic burden to retired workers, support the overall work of the club, heart for Chinese veterans provide better platform for entrepreneurship.

Ask miao sports and cooperation of the lion, not only let more veterans find business platform, but also through strict requirements, to help people away from the tedious, indoor classroom release the pressures of city life, wake up the sleeping passion, spirit of reforming gas. This is a new attempt, and it is the first step in the field of outdoor sports.