Hua Hai Le Ying:relying on corporate culturet how to stand out from the start-up companies


Various of factors determine the success of a company, and enterprise culture is just just like the short slab of the buckets. All the efforts in vain if we failed to develop it well, although it has no direct influence of the expansion of our corporation. Therefore, the unique enterprise culture is indispensable of a company if we want to have a permanent development. Actually, an increasing number of companies have realized the importance of it.

As a new internet company, Huahai Leying has stood out from the others in just two years. What’s more, we have accelerated our development by setting up eight subsidiaries and become the leader in those. Our business consists of sport, eSoprt, culture, entertainment, legal service etc. So just take us as an example to elaborate how meaningful the enterprise culture is to a company.

In Huahai Leying, develop our enterprise culture is neither a vanity project nor a highlight of our relaxed atmosphere. Meanwhile it is not a rigid management or absolute obedience. Because the correct enterprise culture should conform to Jobs’saying: Enterprise culture never exists on paper. What you believe, how you ponder and the way you act that counts.  

Enterprise culture is established by employees through long social practice, and hammer the rules only turn them into dissemblers of duplicity. Therefore the corporate culture of us combines personal value and enterprise development, which means corporate interests are directly linked to their own development. By these ways, our employees agree with our culture with no reluctance. Besides, we also provide 20% of the subsidiary’s profit to our employees every year.

There are three core values in Huahai Leying:

1.Humility and pragmatism、responsibility and positivity

2.Unity and solidarity

3.Offering sincere service

Setting up correct values of our staff always be our principal target because the management understand only by concentrating minds can we realize maximum profits. Actually, an interviewee's understanding of the values of our enterprise culture will be directly linked to the result. And during the orientation, we try to make every new hire understand the results-based management we adopted and make them accept, observe and share our values and culture at the same time.

In Huahai Leying, every employee has his own “special skills”, whether in  technical field or in market operation. And this positive trend results from our“self-improvement”conception. Team work means each member shows his  special skill to boost project. It is job requires and individual competition as well, and all of us consciously avoid to become a burden of others. During this process, we trust our team members instead of working alone when facing problems. We depend on each other and exploit our potentialities to realize self-enhancement. That is why our employees are willing to share happiness and sorrow with us all the way.

The company's management tends to be humanized in a bid to attract younger job seekers, which including flexible work hours and overtime compensation. By satisfying young people’s relaxed work attitude, we convened a large number of talented young elite here and contribute to company’s sustainable development.

In the Internet Age, management needs more mutual discussions before making decisions. We encourage employees’self-growth, and turn rigid management into human-based management to motivate every employee's enthusiasm and creativity and then create maximum productivity. There is a suggestion box all the time in our company and all staff here has the right and obligation to point out problems existed or to make suggestions for the development of us. Every single advice has an effective feedback and with frank communication we have successfully gathered wisdom and developed our corporate culture.

All entrepreneurial companies grow out of nothing, and in an intense competition environment the enterprise culture is the only advantage that our competitors can not copy. The successful experience of Huahai Leiying makes a good example to venture companies and exhibit the importance of excellent enterprise culture. Only by combining self-growth of staff, optimal value and benefits of the company together can we overcome all obstacles and create brilliant career.