Huahai Le Ying: Let the law is the real platform to reduce the legal service threshold


Nowadays, the value of legal service market in China has been growing up to 50 billion Yuan, forecasts even say that by year 2020 it will reach the level of 100 billion Yuan. This momentum definitely provides many good opportunities for the development of on-line legal service platform.

For many customers, when a legal related issue appears, they usually don’t know how to find a qualified lawyer. And if they go to a law firm, they would be charged by hours of consultation, at the mean time, the firm could probably hand big cases to the junior lawyers and put he small cases into seniors’ hands, maybe a divorce lawyer would handle your criminal case. Therefore, the unqualification and ill-suited domain of a lawyer could cause the mismatch of information; as a result, customers’legal problems usually can’t  be solved very quickly.

For all the mentioned inconveniences above, Huahai Leying’s subsidiary---Fayi Network has promoted a brand new on-line legal service platform. By using it, customers could find the suitable lawyers, get to know lawyers’ detailed information such as the firm they are currently working in/with, familiar legal domain or working experiences… additionally, in order to guarantee the professional qualifications of each lawyer, all of those who registered on the Huahai Lvzheng Platform as lawyers must be strictly authenticated and audited by the official authorities.

Currently, Fayi Network has integrated and organized all the resources of lawyers throughout the country to make sure, when a customer encounters legal problems, they could quickly find a suitable and qualified lawyer. So, the main features of the platform are:

(1) Anonymous & free counseling service

The customers even do not need to register on the platform, they could publish the problems which they wish to consult. Only 30 seconds after publishing successfully, the system will match the suitable lawyers automatically for the customers to solve their problems; and if the customer thinks that the lawyer appointed by system is not so suitable, he/she could choose to change another one, this switch should be no more than 30 seconds either.

(2) Find the right lawyer according to the customers’ demand

When a customer logs in Fayi NetworkApp, he/she could find a suitable lawyer according to the information recommended on the platform, furthermore, if the customer thinks the lawyer who gave the free counseling is doing great, he/she could take a next step to reserve an off-line appointment.

(3) Initiate a bidding for the case

Except for free counseling, customers could also use the “bidding” function to find a good lawyer. First, the customer needs to indicate the location, demands for the lawyer, type of case and a simple description of the case; then the system will send the bidding massage to all the qualified lawyers and allow them to compete; finally, the customer will have the rights to check all the feedbacks from those lawyers who already submitted the bidding which include the declaration and price. In this way, the customers could choose the lawyer all by their own judgments.

(4) Contracts drafting service

Customers could log in the Fayi Networkplatform via PC, and they are allowed to download several templates for debt contract, prenuptial agreements, guaranty contract, etc. Or, they could simply find a lawyer on the platform to help with the drafting.

Not only the legal counseling doesn’t cost a penny on Fayi Network platform, even some legal instruments are also free here, that’s why the platform could truly help people to get an easier access to the legal service. Right now, the team of Fayi Network is still optimizing the product according to customers’ feedbacks. We sincerely hope that the product would build a fluid channel between customers and lawyers, and finally create a win-win situation.